Prepare the vessel, live the magick.

Sitting here reflecting upon the last two years of spiritual growth and practice, I have come to realize something that I must share with the world. The intense meditation sessions were wonderful, the hundreds of hours studying and practicing energy techniques was great, the detox and pain my body withstood for me to advance to a higher level of vibration was, well, not that awesome. So over the last two years I have come up with a system of nutritional and fitness ideas and practices that seem to have put me one step ahead of the pain when it comes to spiritual advancement.

When you take Reiki they speak of a 21 day to 8 week cleansing period that each student usually incurs. I hadn’t experienced this the first time I did Reiki up to a master level practitioner, however, that was over 15 years ago… This time, I got a detox on level one, two, and three, and a headache that lasted for months on end to boot. I may have overdone the number of attunements and courses I took over the period of time I did them in, however, for the regular practitioner or even myself to do this, is entirely plausible. Since this experience I have come up with what seems like a sound nutritional, physical, and spiritual set of practices that will help keep you ahead of the headache and just out of touch of the physical and spiritual exhaustion. You MUST take care of your vessel if you are to undertake any MAJOR spiritual or magickal advancement in your life, your body will thank you. When undertaking major magickal practices your body will not keep up, it will lag behind and give you grief and pain, if you take care of it you can alleviate this process.

Eating regiment:
Here is my daily food and nutritional plan at this point, this has take me several re-do’s and I am sure several more once I push the magickal envelope further, however at this point I do believe this is a good starting place for someone just starting into magick.

Morning detox:
Fresh squeezed lemon juice of 2 lemons
1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar
1 cup water
mix and stir and down.
This will begin a detoxing cleanse on your body that will flush toxins from the day before.

Morning meal:
1 cup kefir
1 cup berries
5 eggs
fresh green veggies of choice
The kefir is loaded with probiotics to replenish whatever your morning cleanse has stripped from you, the berries are loaded with anti oxidants to fight free radicals, the eggs provide an all around protein and healthy fats, the green veggies provide fibre and phytonutrients.

Mid morning snack:
powdered greens mix, whey protein, casein protein.
You can get a greens formula from most places, try to get one that includes cinnamon, turmeric, and ginger, to help detox and replenish. Most green mixes give you 6 to 8 servings of veggies per scoop. The whey protein is fast acting to help give you essential amino acids for your body, and the casein is long acting giving you amino acids over a period of time.

this is usually a fatty meat meal such as beef, salmon, or pork.
Fatty meat, greek salad, apple
The fatty meat gives you healthy fats and essential protein, the greek salad has antioxidants galore with the peppers, tomatoes, garlic, onions, feta cheese and healthy oil, and the apple gives extra fiber and vitamin C.

Mid afternoon snack:
Kimchi fermented vegetables for a ton more bacterial cultures to help gut health as gut health accounts for 85% of your immune system. I sometimes substitute sauer kraut or other fermented vegetables here, but I find kimchi to work best for me and its nice and spicy. The capsaicin is also great for circulation.

Lean meat such as chicken or pork loin
add a big leafy green salad to this with avocado oil to finish your day.

I do 1 hour of yoga a day now to keep me limber and build strength. This has done WONDERS for my magick and overall health. I also try to include at least 30 mins cardio and 30 mins weights a day.
This didn’t seem to me to be a major change when it was suggested by my guide Azazel, but when you look at it the theory is sound, Magick is the movement of energy, if there is a kink in the cord does it run as efficient?

Do a MINIMUM of 10 minutes of meditation per day to keep yourself on track and your mind at ease.

thats it, its pretty simple. Keep your protein high, fats medium, and carbs low and you will see your body excell.

Love you all

– Azariel Flame


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